Custom Manufacture of Gold Nanoparticles

NANO4 Global offers high-quality gold nanoparticles for R&D and Biomedical applications.

We are an innovative high-technology spin-off from the NOVA School of Science and Technology in Portugal. Our expertise is in the synthesis of gold nanoparticles, their characterization and functionalization as well as their application in diagnostics and nanomedicine.

The gold nanoparticles are uniform quasi-spherical gold nanoparticles capped with citrate. These nanoparticles present unique properties (i.e., optical, catalytic, electrochemical activity, etc.) and are suitable to be functionalized with a wide range of molecules by means of a thiol (SH) group displacing adsorbed citrate anions. Once functionalized, they can be adapted to widespread applications in biosensing, lateral flow assays, catalysis, imaging probes for microscopy, flow cytometry, optoelectronics and delivery of biotherapeutics (e.g. for cancer nanomedicines, such as RNAi, antibodies, peptides, drugs). Our gold nanoparticles are produced under strict Certified conditions (ISO9001 and 13485) and thus suitable for direct application in medical devices and IVD systems.